Love, Hop and Rock’n’Roll

 The only things important enough to share are love, a great taste in music and a passion for beer. Rockers today come from all walks of life. Many of them even have proper jobs and hobbies as diverse as anyone’s, as well as a bit of spare cash to spend on loud music and beer full of flavour. Great taste in music and a passion for beer is the true reason why Heavy MetAle exists, combining rock and ale in the product HEAVY METALE. Carefully selected hops mixed with playlists and full metal records mean that hard rock becomes an important ingredient for the Heavy MetAle experience. Via active QR-coding and beer supplied at the right place at the very best moments, Heavy MetAle invites people to a symbiotic world of rock and beer.


We love rock’n’roll, and especially heavy metal. Live music, concerts and festivals fill us with energy and passion. We’re drawn to the music, but also to the attitude, the warmth, the companionship that run so strongly within this music genre. AND we simply want fantastic beer, because we think that’s something we all deserve!

Rock’n’Roll Tribute Beer
Our HEAVY METALE tribute beer is selected and brewed by the Heavy MetAle team. The assortment of beer is a tribute to rock’n roll music in different rock genres and has a rockin’ playlist on the label.

Tailored Beer for Rockbands
In cooperation with artists from all over the world we brew the kind of beer the rock artists themselves love,  the sort of beer they actually want to drink and relax with. We want to salute the Rock heroes and their own brand of rock’n’roll  in the best way we can, and for us that is to brew them kickass beer. We also provide the beer label with newly released records using active QR-coding.

Hoppy Beer for a Happy Festival
We want to add a little extra something to lift that festival feeling even higher . In cooperation with rock festival organizers we make the rock festivals more hoppy, incresing the supply of tasty craft beer served to rockers at live concerts