About us

HEAVY METALE = A superior brand with the three following simple rules.

1: Ale that tastes very good!

2. A brand that is a tribute to our love of rock music!

3. Ale that tastes very good!

Fantastic rock and good beer are the two best ingredients in Life!

Combining rock and ale in the product HEAVY METALE, using an interactive label that will invite customers to a world of rock

and beer online as well as to playlists and new released records, using active QR-coding.

The HEAVY METALE crew are crazy about music. We love rock’n’roll, and especially heavy metal. Live music, concerts and festivals

all fill us with energy and passion. We’re drawn to the music, but also to the attitude, the warmth and the companionship

that runs so strongly within this music genre. We also like good beer (surprise!), but not watery tasting lager. We simply want

fantastic beer, and we think that’s something we all deserve!


Heavy Metale Brewery AB Phone +46 707556002