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by Chief Rebel Angel on 2016/01/19
From Rock To Black Metal - Chief Rebel Angel

New year, new records to dig in to. Before we do that though, let’s have a quick look at the best, the boldest and the most beautiful from last year, shall we? Top 50. Description and more info on the swedish site, but this is at least a brief overview!


Årsbästalistan 41-50


50) NILE  “What Should Not Be Unearthed”

49) PALACE OF THE KING “White Bird/Burn The Sky” 

48) CUT UP “Forensic Nightmares”.

47) Jorn Lande & Trond Holter presents DRACULA “Swing Of Death”.

46) BARREN EARTH “On Lenely Towers”.

45) BLACK BREATH “Slaves Beyond Death”.

44) VATTNET VISKAR “Settler”.

43) VIDUNDER har med uppföljaren “Oracles & Prophets” 

42) TORCHE “Restarter”

41) NOCTURNALIA “Above Beyond Within”.

Årsbästalistan 31-40

40) EUROPE “War Of Kings”.

39) NECROWRETCH “With Serpents Scourge”.

38) RAISE HELL “Written In Blood”.

37) LAMB OF GOD “VII: Sturm Und Drang”.

36) BOREALIS “Purgatory”.

35) DEAD LORD “Heads Held High”

34) THE SHRINE  “Rare Breed”

33) SOILWORK “The Ride Majestic”.

32) VOODOO HILL “Waterfall”.

31) Magnus Karlsson FREE FALL  “Kingdom Of Rock”

Topplista 21-30

30) HOPE DRONE  “Cloak Of Ash” 

29) AVATARIUM  “The Girl With Raven Mask”.

28)  MURG “Varg & Björn”

27) FIRESPAWN  “Shadow Realms”

26) ROYAL THUNDER  Crooked Doors”

25) MAMMOTH STORM d “Fornjot”

24) SORCERER  “In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross”

23) GRAVEYARD “Innocence & Decadence”

22)  SLAYER  “Repentless”

21) AGES  “The Malefic Miasma”

Toppen 11-20


20) LIK “Mass Funeral Evocation” 

19) THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA “Skyline Whispers”.

18) ENSLAVED “In Times”

17)  PARADISE LOST “The Plague Within”

16) DEAFHEAVEN “New Bermuda”

15) CATTLE DECAPITATION “The Anthropocene Exctinction”

14) MELECHESH “Enki”

13)  COLOSSUS “The Breathing World”

12)  ATLAS LOSING GRIP  “Currents” 

11) BLACK OATH  “To Below And Beyond”

Toppen 1-10


Amorphis Under The Red Cloud

10) AMORPHIS  “Under The Red Cloud”  Probably the best album the Fins have produced since “Skyforger”, and there are songs on theis one that will be part of the live set for a long long time!

MIllencolin True Brew

9)  MILLENCOLIN  “True Brew” Örebros light-punkers are back, and with a vengeance. This record really had a lot of playing hours at my house this year. And a lot of sing-along.

Raised Fist From The North

8)  RAISED FIST “From The North”   This is actually the first album that really knocked my off my feet from RAISED FIST. Easy listening with really angry guys!

Marduk Frontschwein

7) MARDUK  “Frontschwein”  The best MARDUK-album in years, perhaps ever. So. Many. Excellent. Songs!

Iron Maiden The Book Of Souls

6) IRON MAIDEN  “The Book Of Souls” Holy crap! I’d never in a million years think they were able to be this vital and interesting again – and I am proved sooooo wrong. This is one album that is difficult to stop playing once you start.


5) KADAVAR “Berlin”  The grooviest album of the year, by far. Also the German trios most accessible so far, and this will shoot them towards the stars for sure, especially since they come through live as well.

Ghost Meliora

4) GHOST “Meliora”. The hype is real, and this is GHOSTs best album so far. It has the songs, the attitude, the production to take them to the next level of world domination.


3) VREID “Sólverv”   This is probably the best album VREID have given us so far, and that should count for something, especially as the last few have been between great and excellent. And a spray of colours on the cover is nice among all the grey-black-ish surroundings.


2) Mgła  “Exercises In Futility” This is what black metal should sound like. It is the way is was meant to be, enclosing groove, riffing, excellent lyrics and that special feeling. Future classic among the genre!

Tribulation The Children Of The Night

1) TRIBULATION “The Children Of The Night” is one of those records that simply cannot be defined within a narrow genre. It is rock’näroll, it is black metal and it is music at it’s very core when it reaches in and touches the soul of its audience. The number 1 is not a lot to discuss. The full review, in English, here!

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