Have a sneak peak at what we’re howling at… Wolf Pale Ale!

…so, maybe you have seen it in social media, or at Metal Shock Finland… there are things brewing that makes us howl to the moon and go extra crazy. Yes – we’re talking Pale Moon Ale. We’re talking Real Ale for True Bastards. Yes, we’re talking swedish metal band WOLF and their new beer that sneak premiered this weekend at the show in Helsingborg (Sweden). And why not share some pics from this sneak peak, right?

Wolf Pale Ale 1 wolf-pale-moon-ale Wolf Pale Ale 2 Wolf Pale Ale 4

To celebrate this and help you with the wait until it’s officially launched, we’ve done some work in translating the review of WOLF’s latest effort “Devil Seed” as well as the follow-up interview with charismatic frontman Niklas “Viper” Stålvind.

Wolf Devil Seed Wolf-band

You’ll find the interview with Niklas here, and the “Devil Seed” review here.


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