Interview – Ida Evileye, CRUCIFIED BARBARA

This interview was originally published during the Heavy MetAle 48-hour craziness on the Swedish website during end of September. It has been requested in English as well, so: here you go!

Hi there, Ida Evileye and CRUCIFIED BARBARA, and welcome to the other side of the festival summer. Are you guys happy and pleased with how it panned out and all the gigs… and, is there a special gig that comes to mind?

– I’ll remember the gig at Getaway Rock for the rest of my life! I had decided early on that Tobbe (from Junkstars) was gonna fill in for me on base guitar, but that I would tag along and see the gig if I had the energy. Luckily enough, I did!

Seeing our band from the crowds side was a unique experience. I was proud, nervous, excited, happy, full of expectations, a bit afraid that something would gp wrong and a liiiiitle envious! CB did an awesome gig though, and I got the ultimate proof that we are a really great live act. I’d suspected it for long, but now I got it confirmed!

That night finished with me given the opportunity to see my boyfriend Oscar play as well (Deathstars), so all in all that was a truly magical day!
Crucified Barbara band 1
From Getaway Rock – pic from
This last year have been hectic for Crucified Barbara to say the least – new album “In the Red, nationwide club tour, festival tour, launch of branded beer together with Heavy MetAle and your pregnancy are just a few wexamples – so the big question is… what’s on the agenda now? 

-Closest on the agenda is actually getting some rest and gather our strength for next year. Except for 2 gigs in Trondheim and at Rock At Sea (the boat) in October and November. We already have some plans for next summer, festivals mainly, and as for me personally I feel the itch in my fingers, they long for the base guitar. We are all hungry to start writing new stuff soon!

You stepped aside here at the end, and you’ve had Tobbe “Bronxen” as stand-in for a couple of shows. How’s that worked out for you? Is it difficult to get someone to fill in for you when you are all such a tight gang? 

-It’s difficult to fins someone that is both awesome as a person and a musician, and that can fit in with the gang. All of it is so important, and Tobbe awas the perfect match on all counts. He is a great guy both on and off the stage. Really cool on stage, great bass player and a great person, and as it was also possible for him to take some time off from his band JUNKSTARS at the exact time when we had gigs, we consider ourselves lucky. It all turned out very well!

Heavy MetAle is obviously proud of the Crucified Barbara Hard Hitting Red Ale,  but we are also curious of your thoughts. Tell us – are you satisfied with it, and what kind of feedback have you recieved from this launch? 

-We are obviously extremely satisfied with our beer, something would be seriously wrong otherwise! We’ve always followed our own path and never been pushed into submission by big record labels or management bosses, and we think that way on all things we do, especiellay when we put our names on something, and this was of course the case with our beer as well. We had a clear vision of the type of beer we wanted to create as well as why, and this probably made everything easier. After explaining what we wanted, we just handed the actual creation, brewing, recipe making and other stuff over to you guys at Heavy MetAle – and you really came through!
So, in the middle of everything you’re at… do you guys have the time to listen to other bands music – and, in such case, what’s playing at the CRUCIFIED BARBARA-camp at the moment? 

-I’ve been listeing a lot to documentaries and radio shows lately, so that’s taken most of the airtime from music, unfortunately. That being said, I’d like to recommend Swedish Radios P1 and P3 documentaries, especially those that take a deep look into murder mysteries. They are great, and very exciting!

Sounds like a great recommendation. Thanx – and cheers. Let’s go In The Red!

Crucified Barbara band 2

…and as a bonus, we’ll also do a3 quick ones with Ida!

1) What are you/the band up to at the moment?
At this very moment, we’ve just finished a hectic festival summer with gigs up until the very last moments. I’m trying to prepare for the addition of a new family member, and try to rest a lot… something I’m not very good at, so it takes a lot of practise! 🙂 Meanwhile, we’ve already seen requests for next summer, 2016, and that’s always a great kick. During 2015 we still have two gigs, Trondheim Metalfest and Rock At Sea, both in October.
2) Favourite brew/beverage at the moment?
Personaly, I’ve had to find non-alcoholic stuff, so I’ve started doing my own bewerage. The best badnmembers in the world gave me a Soda Streamer for present, and with it I’ve been able to do a lot af great bewerages – my favourite is one with mixed ginger, raw sugar, lemon, orange and sparkling water, that one is insanelly good!  However, I look forward to being able to enjoy a porter or a really great stout come winter…!

3) Now Playing?
Now Playing inlcudes a lot of doom and stoner at the moment. Just this morning I hade KYUSS as company for my morning coffe!



As this is an old interview, some of the things mentioned have already happend. This includes Ida becoming a parent, and the band playing that Rock At Sea-gig. When they did, they posted this pic, and it really sums this interview up well. The text was “Crucified Barbara, bass substitute and future bass player Little O”!

Crucified Barbara Rock On Boat

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