Review: SLASH with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators “Live At The Roxy 25.09.14”

by Chief Rebel Angel on 2015/07/23
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Slash do not need a specific introduction, really. All of you rockers know him. Big black high hat, big black curly hair. Sunglasses. Cigarette in mouth. Guitar player with GUNS’N’ROSES, VELVET REVOLVER, SLASH’S SNAKEPIT and a couple of soloalbums in the trunk – and the guy who created and played legendary things like the intro for Sweet Child O’Mine and the riff for Paradise City. This 50 year old (actually, he turns 50 the very same day that this review is published if I understand things correctly!) do not only have the status of a guitar legend to lean on when he takes the stage for this live gig and recording at The Roxy – he also have the tunes to back everything up. Just looking at the setlist makes you certain of the fact that this is some very good stuff, as it is a concentrate of the mans carrier. Mixing newer tunes like Ghost, Back From Cali and 30 Years To Life with old classics like Nightrain, You Could Be Mine and the aforementioned Sweet Child O’Mine and Paradise City, the show is jam packed with great songs.

A lone guitarist do not make a show though, and Slash have teamed up with his current partners-in-crime Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. That is, I think, a good choice. The band is tight and have a great number of shows together, and I think Myles is a great choice for singing all of these tunes as he have the capacity to bend his voice toi fit the song. Sure – one might argue that he is sometimes a bit “whiny” – especially live, as it turns out on this recording – but then again… the original singer that once did the vocals on tunes like Rocket Queen and Paradise City isn’t exatcly a non-whiner, right?

I have the double-CD as I am a sucker for livealbums and tend to listen to the music more than seeing an actual filmed show, but it is quite possible that I will have to reach deep into my pocket and get the DVD as well, as this show is just bursting with energy. It is clear just by listening that the crowd gets close to the band, and that the band feeds of that closeness.

And, again.

Those songs.

Having an excellent guitarist like Slash pllaying his own tunes, his way, and throwing out energitic classics mixed with groovy rock’n’roll-tunes that you may have overlooked is simply put: great. this is a very good live album, both when it comes to the songs as well as the bands (and the main character Slahs’) performance and that special “live” feeling.

Nothing more to ask for, is there, except maybe a shorter name and title…?

SLASH with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators “Live At The Roxy 25.09.14” = 4/5. Very Good. You need this album!

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