Review: TRIBULATION “The Children Of The Night”

by Chief Rebel Angel on 2015/04/21
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…and thus it came, that record that really kicks off the year 2015 and stands out like a lion among ordinairy cats. TRIBULATION “The Children Of The Night” is the bands best effort to date by far, and to be honest – it is somewhat surprising to yours truly. I really liked the debut, the raw and direct approach that made “The Horror” stand out against the background noise of new releases flooding the metal world every month, but the follow-up “The Formulas Of Death” really did not sit well with me. Far to floating and not to the point I actually found it – even though I tried really hard and really wanted to like the album – an overall boring experience. Too few structures and too much fumbling around, and seeing that “The Children Of The Night” was set to be released mere two years after kept me sceptical.

As it turns out, that sceptical view waas completely uncalled for.

“The Cildren Of The Night” shows a band that have left both their previous efforts and albums behind them, but not forgotten. Instead they are blending the good stuff from these experiences with classic rock and roll, and the result is simply amazing. From the initial churchlike organs that leads in to opening track Strange Gateways Beckon to the ending majestical Music From The Other, the band manages to deliver that eerie feeling and yet keep within the boundaries of an actual song instead of eternal jamming. As the approach have equal amounts of rock’n’roll-heritage (think LED ZEPPELIN!) and modern death- and black metal, the album is fully packed with hit songs. Melancholia, In The Dreams Of The Dead, Winds, The Motherhood Of God, Holy Libations are good examples, but I am certain that you’ll find your own favourite. In short: you need this record and do not want to miss out.

TRIBULATION are Adam Zaars and Jonathan Hultén on guitars, Johannes Andersson on vocals & bass and Jakob Ljungberg on drums, and perhaps it is the hard touring that have enabled them to take this step forward, as they all perform a notch higher than before. Especially the drumming from Jakob Ljungberg is superb, it has more rock’n’roll to it than ever before and it sits very well with these songs.

They have proved this old whining dude very wrong with album, both with the performance and the songwriting. I just love when that happends, and have listened to the album more or less non-stop since it became available to me. As things stand right now – that will be the case for some time to come…

So, this is really a quite short review. There is simply very little left to say. the marks are – of course – top notch, and instead of me rambling on a lot, I think you should run an buy the album/attack Spotify at once. The music on “The Children Of The Night” speaks for itself!

TRIBULATION “In The Dreams Of the Dead” = 5/5. Amazing. A Must Buy!

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