The Project Hate MCMXCIX – There is no earth I will leave unscorched

by Hopmaestro on 2014/12/23

“Left, left, left, right, left… I’m going to sneak up from behind…”

(Review in English below the YouTube teaser)

Yeah, if you’ve seen the teaser above, I guess you are a true Hater? Because I know you came here through the TPH Facebook.

As you probably know, I wrote for Global Domination before so lets treat this as a Global Domination review shall we? OK, fine, lets go!

If you are a true “Hater” you have followed Lord K’s development through decades, and you have followed his morphing with ave, wondering how the f**k he’s managed to pull it off every time. This time around you will most probably be a customer at your local psyche ward after listening in to this masterpiece. My access is prohibited at the local institute, I’m quite well known over there, so I´ll be fine.

Let’s start with the obvious elephant in the room. Lord K has exchanged the singer once again and this time around he has finally hit the bulls-eye for real. Mrs. Ellinor Asp is now invited into the inner circle of unholiness and boy, does she deliver… She is like a rose sprung in a field of thistles. Colorful and vivid, standing tall in a battlefield with only her thorns acting as protection.  Like a demon spawned from Bonnie Tyler’s unholy rituals with Satan she enters the room with authority and lays down a mighty beautiful sing-track for the album. It is beautiful, slightly hoarse and enchanting. It’s a fucken mystery how she has stayed alive, swooping under the radar from everybody in the music industry? Thankfully, Lord K knows his shit, and brought her under his black wings for protection.

In the other end of the field of thistles, Mr. Jörgen Sandström once again handles the male vocals, and he needs no further introduction. He’s just acting his normal stuff, like a boss!! However, on this album, he is more articulate and delivers his wet, moist growls with more precision than earlier works. On the former album I felt that he sometimes sunk in the swamp of growls and went out of focus here and there. Not this time around, I’ll tell you that. Now he is more focused than ever and you can hear every note passing his weapon called mouth through the whole album.

Vocals in all its honor, but in the end the music has to be at least on par since the last album, right? And if you have the slightest trace of doubt spawning in your feeble brain, you can just let that thought go. Once again we are brought on a journey through all the passages that we thought had gone missing through the years of mental indoctrination. You know… I have been physically fresh all my life (mentally is another business) but I caught a minor distraction on my way to perfection last year. From a small tick I received the honor of being blessed with “Invasive Staphylococcus Aureus” in my nervous system. And when I received the correct medication, my body reacted at once with a shocking result. Just like a horse-kick in your genital areas, it reached out and my body reacted like a cheerleader hearing the result after a 10.0 in the yearly ICU Championship (Yeah, I watch that).

What I meant to say with all the gibberish above, is that my body reacted like plant that had been out of water too long, or just if you  had been out of air in a free dive and came back to the surface for a final gasp of air. If Beethoven, or Bach or even Vivaldi had been brought to life in the 1970’s they could have very much been composing stuff like this. Yeah right, Lord K may just not be the Bach of the century, but if he had been born at the same time as Bach, he wold most certainly rocked the shit out of the community. And that is just what’s happening on this album. You are taken through twists and turns that challenge your mind to the limit, and it challenges your old grey matter in the compartment you call cranium to react accordingly. Like a Sir!!

Lets talk about the rest of the staff! The drums is once again handled by Dirk Verbeuren, or should I say that Dirk Verbeuren is handling the drums? There’s a slight difference there. Old Dirk is performing at the edge of being real, and I find myself rewinding back more than once and just listen to what the hell he is doing. Blending straight up standard beats with out of this world fills he delivers on all accounts. If you find the slightest of interests in the percussion area, this is one of albums you should listen to. Just like a normal human being he sits there on the drum throne delivering demonic drum handling…and beyond. Just listen!!

And on top of that, we are presented with top notch people manufacturing stuff to be inserted to this never-ending opera of self-destruction. Lars Johansson (Candlemass) is performing 90% of the guitar solos together with Henrik Danhage (Death Destruction/Evergrey) and Mike Wead (King Diamond). Extra vocal parts is sung by Erik Rundqvist (Vomitory), Ross Dolan (Immolation), Richard Sjunnesson (Unguided)  och Lawrence Macrory (F.K.Ü./Darkane). All of this brings you an opera of death that nobody should be spared from.

And as extra semen on the cake we are presented with a massive and just brutal bass sound that blows any Green Peace activist from whatever powerboat of protest there ever was… I’m not saying that Green Peace is bad, I’m just saying that they are weak!! Together with a perfect production work from Dan Swanö, there’s nothing to say really, just kneel and accept the fact that TPH is a major force to reckoned with in this area of Christmas celebrations and God worship. Just take a look around and you know who is right and who is wrong… 5 out of 5 demons stand attention when Lord K enters the room!




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